My home my castle…

My Home Is My Castle (poem) – Kevin Leake
My home is my castle
That’s where I live
From the outside, it’s small
But on the inside, it’s big
When I shut my front door
It’s private and sweet
My home is my castle
My beautiful retreat
It’s attractively furnished
And lavished with gifts
Decorated for a king
These are my digs
My home is my castle
It’s where I reside
A beautiful fortress
And that’s where I hide
My home is my castle
Got a roof over my head
I pay the bills
And I make the bread
It’s a lovely abode
This apartment of mine
My little habitat
Where I like to confide
It’s a sparkling palace
So, I’ll do as I dare
I’ll make the changes
With colour and flare
My home is my castle
I don’t hear a sound
It’s peaceful and quiet
When no one’s around
My home is my castle
My present address
A delightful property
Where I find good rest
I have a welcome rug
By the front door
Please wipe your feet
Come in, shut the door

A. B. 

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