Project: My House…

       We are describing our houses…My house is quite big. There are two floors and an attic. Downstairs on  the ground floor there is a sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen and a toilet. Upstairs on the next floor there is a bathroom and three bedrooms. The big bedroom is my parents’ room. Kate and Lucy’s room is opposite theirs. My bedroom is the small one. Our play room is in the attic in the roof. That is the best room in the house. There are lots of things in it. There is an old bed next to the wall. There is a desk, a big table and some chairs next to the window. In the corner there is an enormous cupboard. It is full of games, old toys, dolls and clothes. On the walls there are lots of flags and posters, some photos of pop stars and my favourite football team. I like this room the best!


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